The reluctance of most surgeons to beating heart surgery is changing.

The reluctance of most surgeons to beating heart surgery is changing, in part due to the overall success of the heart-lung machine for the last 40 years. In other words, if it is not broke, why fix it?

The beat, beat of the heart monitor filled the air. Tilted head, found the place he was looking for on the heart the back of and finally looked up. You okay there? Ihnken asked the anesthesiologist breaking the tense silence. – Stable Really, really stable, said the anesthesiologist answered. He tolerated it really really good. .. Ihnken would spend the next three – and – a-half hours intricately stitching new blood vessels in the beating heart of his patient. As he turned the heart from his chest, a difficult step in the beating heart procedure, the doctors and nurses and technicians in the room raised suddenly quiet.The Fourth European Task Force releases recent guidelines for the prevention out of CVD, of a unique of a unique consensus between experts from different fields. Such directives need now translated and implemented locally, taking into account the national, cultural and socio-economic issues.

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Cardiovascular disorders caused 49 percent of deaths in Europe, the leading cause of death in women of this continent and the European Union is cost through EUR 169 billion annually.