The scientists analyzed the PAHs in 23 moist snuff samples levitra 20mg.

The scientists analyzed the PAHs in 23 moist snuff samples, the different flavors of the most popular brands in the U levitra 20mg .S. You sold identified 23 different PAHs in the samples, 9 of which are included as carcinogenic. They conclude that PAHs most abundant most abundant groups of cancer-causing substances in moist snuff. ‘Urgent measures are from the U.S. Tobacco industry needed to modify manufacturing processes levels of these concentrations of these toxins and carcinogens in U.S. Moist snuff are greatly reduced,’the article notes.

Irina Stepanov and his colleagues found that the use of moist snuff increased by almost 80 fold between 1986-2003, partially because of the belief that it is safer than cigarettes While smokeless tobacco is in fact a lower risk. Of cancer, such as cigarette smoking over associated , it can be pre-cancerous oral lesions and oral, esophageal and pancreatic cancer cause. Carcinogens has been reported that. In smokeless tobacco prior to the recent discovery by Stepanov and colleagues that at least eight PAHs in smokeless tobacco This finding inspired the new research.

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