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A total of 52 % of women with MS do not breastfeed or began supplemental formula feedings within two months after birth. Which 87 % had a relapse after pregnancy compared to 36 % of women with MS who breastfed exclusively for at least two months after pregnancy.

For the study, researchers followed 32 pregnant women with MS and 29 pregnant women without MS in each trimester and up to a year after she gave birth. The women were asked about their breastfeeding and menstrual history.And time now, first, is to extend proven health community platform pediatric. The formula provides for a comprehensive Health Information and Safety which will be designed and monitoring presented to presented in a language is easy to understand, in addition to interactive features parents and caregivers for stories about her experience experiences writing or to communicate at forums with other parent allow and / or doctors.. The sheer volume available medical information of parents, Added and in the news can Exploration health matters the overwhelming the project. In addition, today’s requirements for Paediatricians frequently shortening to the period limited to medical visits and can be asking the number of the questions worried parents.