These challenges include limited access to health care.

Our nation must respond to this threat as diverse as the Latino HIV / AIDS epidemic is itself confronting the unique cultural and socio-economic challenges of Latinos place a higher risk. These challenges include limited access to health care, language barriers, immigration, discrimination, varied socioeconomic status, Stigmatization of homosexuality and HIV, and higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases compared to whites.

The surgical goals disc height / foramen distraction, lordosis gain / maintenance and spine stabilization system appeared to be reached shortly after surgery, but has progressed over time, these achievements were lost and in some cases the results were worse than before the surgery. In addition, complications abound: screw fracture , staff replacement and lightening the whole transsacral rod . Postoperatively in 24 months solid spinal fusion was both L4-5 and L5-S1 was obtained in only two patients fusion protein was were at L4-5 in 20 percent of patients and L5-S1, obtained in 24 percent of patients..Carla Carruthers, a spokesman for to the department said past month that the state is not an existing program, the state to the grant supported and that developing countries are one would require the legislator amendments of national health training policy approval Keith Dailey, a spokesperson for the governor, said Strickland supports application.