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Likewise, the majority of Americans are not currently worried that they or a family member get bird flu within the next 12 months, only one-fifth people this possibility this possibility . Six out of ten people over outbreak of a pandemic of avian influenza, which means that an outbreak in many countries affected , but only 20 percent are very concerned. Moreover, the American public is not avian flu believe ultimately widespread among wild birds , or people in the United States in the next 12 months ).. To make the numbers in the context of this survey can be found atto see the back line, visitconcern about bird fluMore than half of Americans report that they have affected the potential spread of avian influenza in the United States . However, only 15 percent are very concerned at the moment.

If the U.S. Is experiencing the human cases of avian flu virus currently circulating in Asia, there would be considerable public response. When such cases were occurring in their state, most people said that to reduce or avoid traveling , avoid public events are trying to get a prescription for Tamiflu or other antiviral drugs , keep their children at home, while the outbreak lasted . .‘Often we do not the downstream downstream episodes of an infection. ‘Roger adds:’Infection itself can clot to your deep vein that migrate to your lungs and block the arterial may be it will trigger This may be be fatal it is. Risk patients as well as doctors have to be aware of.

The study shows as the the rate of hospitalization developing venous thromboembolism is rising steadily in the United States having more than 330,000 hospital admission for this condition the year.