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We think that there is usually significant potential for this therapeutic strategy for ALS and so are enthusiastic to jointly advancing this program towards clinical advancement as well as ALS TDI. .. ALS TDI forms analysis partnership with Neurimmune to advance potential treatments for ALS The ALS Therapy Advancement Institute , using its wholly-owned subsidiary together, Anelixis Therapeutics, today that it has formed a research partnership with Neurimmune to advance potential treatments for ALS announced, also called Lou Gehrig's disease.Our preliminary results show the association between imaging results and symptoms. The experts also found abnormalities in the connections between resting-state brain networks associated with executive dysfunction. These abnormalities indicate more widespread human brain alterations in ADHD than had been shown previously, Dr. Gong stated. Exploration of the association between mind activity and executive function may be useful in better characterizing sufferers with ADHD and in understanding the pathophysiology underlying the problem, according to Dr. Gong. Our outcomes suggest the potential clinical utility of the rfMRI adjustments as a good marker, which may help in diagnosis and in monitoring disease progression and, as a result, may inform timely scientific intervention later on, he said.