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The study, which is carried out by a team led by Professor C. Doutremepuich a research article a research article to 14th in the October issue of the World Journal of Gastroenterology published.

Dose.al hypertension. In rats have shown that the prothrombotic properties of ultra – low-dose aspirin is not by platelets but by endothelial cells mediates, and as such they have observed the potential of reversing the platelet-endothelial cell interaction changes in portal hypertension.

Portal hypertension is a serious complication of chronic liver disease and bleeding is one of the most serious problems, which often for death. Currently no treatment is used to modify the altered platelet activity observed in this pathology.. Ultra – low-dose aspirin has a prothrombotic effect that is the opposite of the observed with the usual doses for the prevention of heart attack or stroke.PlaySean Dineen, surgery residence, Dr. Cristina Roland, surgery domicile; Rachel Greer, student worker of Nancy B. And Jake L. Hamon Centre for Therapeutic Oncology Research, Juliet carboxylic, Pharmaceuticals, in surgery and in Hamon Center; Jason Toombs, a scientific assistant in surgery and of Hamon Center; Dr. Puja Gupta, a pediatric hematology / oncology fellow, Noelle Williamsburg, associate professor of biochemistry, John Minna, principal WA WA ‘textile ‘and Deborah Moncrieff Jr.

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