With Professor Emmanuel Teiger and Doctor Paul Barragan as co-Principal Investigators.

November Each center will enroll 50 patients with the first methods expected in early. The study will measure the short-, mid – and long-term safety and efficacy of the CATANIA coronary stent for the treating up to three de novo indigenous coronary artery lesions in a genuine word placing. Professor Teiger and Doctor Barragan are independent and respected interventional cardiologists and we look forward to the outcomes of their research, said Thomas A. Gordy, Chief and President Executive Officer of CeloNova BioSciences.In the brand new study, Alnylam and Mount Sinai researchers discovered a novel course of virus-produced little non-coding RNAs, called little viral RNAs , which play a critical function in the replication of influenza A virus. Antagonism of the svRNAs resulted in decreased viral mRNA and blocked viral infectivity. These brand-new findings provide further knowledge of how influenza virus has the capacity to infect cells, and identify new strategies and targets for anti-influenza virus-based therapies.D., Vice President, Study, Immunology, Metabolic, and Viral Disease at Alnylam.