Yet just 28 % acquired their needles from safe sources.

The scholarly research included 294 injection medication users between the age groups of 15 and 30, who were part of a larger study of HIV an infection among new drug users in Baltimore and who reported injecting drugs for less than five years. They were questioned about their medication injection practices, including from whom and where they obtained their syringes and how they disposed of used syringes. According to the scholarly study, ten % of study participants cited the Baltimore syringe exchange system as their primary source for acquiring needles in comparison to 18 % from pharmacies and 50 % who reported needle sellers as their primary resource.Frank Witney, president and chief executive officer of Affymetrix. With eBio’s portfolio of profitable and growing flow immunoassay and cytometry reagents, the combined Firm intends to provide novel molecular solutions that may allow us to penetrate sizable new markets. Together we be prepared to generate enhanced working leverage and profitability, stated Tim Barabe, executive vice chief and president financial officer. The combination is expected to be accretive to gross operating and margins income in fiscal 2012. eBioscience will operate as a separate business unit within Affymetrix under its existing leadership group. The mix of these two industry-leaders will prolong our global commercial reach and create important cross-selling opportunities, and also the opportunity to combine technology to create important new products, said Don Tartre, general supervisor of eBio.